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Controls: Move Left/Right = LEFT/RIGHT Arrow, Hard Drop = Space, Rotate Right = UP Arrow or X, Full List of Controls = P

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Free Tetris Game Instructions

Tetris' basic gameplay revolves moving and/or manipulating tetriminos or game pieces to create a horizontal line of 10 blocks with no gaps. Random sequences of tetriminos fall from the top of the Tetris game field (also known as the well or matrix), providing players enough of a challenge to attempt rotating the pieces sideways or 90 degrees. Lines immediately disappear after creation, while other blocks above the deleted line fall into the resulting space. Once player meet the current level's line 'limit,' they enter a new level.

How The Game Continues?

As the game continues, the tetriminos start falling much faster. If a player can't keep up with the speed, the blocks completely fill the well, effectively ending the Tetris game. Some Tetris variants have a preset amount of lines, which allow the game to end earlier. Each tetrimino can clear a specific amount of 10 block lines. All tetriminos, in fact, can single and double clear lines. There are 7 shapes of tetraminos, as shown below:

Tetris Tetramino Shapes | Tetris Game

The I, J and L blocks can triple clear lines, while the I tetrimino can actually clear four lines at the same time—a phenomenon known as a tetris. The requirement for clears can vary across different variants of Tetris.

Tetris Game Interesting Facts

Tetris is available for many platforms, including most video game consoles, computer operating systems. It's also available on devices like graphing calculators, media players, mobile devices and even serves as Easter eggs in non-media products.

Tetris is known to have sold over 100 million in lifetime sales across several platforms. In 2010, Tetris sold over 100 million copies across mobile devices – alone – since 2005.

Tetris is also responsible for what's known as The Tetris Effect. This phenomenon occurs when someone plays Tetris for a long period of time, causing them to habitually strategize tessellating regular objects together or even dreaming about the Tetris game when sleeping.

Tetris Game History

Tetris is the most well-known tile-matching puzzle video game in the world. It was originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov, later released in June 1984 within the then Soviet Union. The game's name was derived from the Greek numerical prefix tetra- and tennis—Pajitnov's favorite sport.

Tetris was also the first entertainment-based software exported out of the USSR to the United States at the time. The game was later published through several companies, notably Spectrum Holobyte for the Commodore 64 and IBM PC.

Tetris was later published as an Atari arcade game and also had versions on Nintendo game consoles at the time. These 'publishing stints' more or less helped popularize the game around the world.

Since 1996, The Tetris Company has maintained ownership of the Tetris brand, particularly for Tetris products in the United States. Many versions of paid and free Tetris are available on most, if not all, available game consoles, mobile devices and even on the web.

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